A moment of relaxation and creativity to share in our Origami Factory workshop! No need to bring your equipment, we provide it! Just come with you good mood and your hands! 

One of the amazing things about origami is that you can take a piece of flat paper and turn it into a three-dimensional object. This type of manipulation helps children understand spatial reasoning and origami teaches dexterity to children but also teaches children to listen and follow instructions. 

In addition, this art develop children creativity and perception and, surprisingly, they learn to relax and create.

For this, we propose: 

  • 1 hour workshops for children from 5 to 9 years old (€10/hour or subscription at €30/4 sessions)
  • 2 hours workshops for children from 10 to 14 years old (€20/2 hours or subscription at €60/4 sessions
Our workshops are thematic or according to the wishes of our participants. They will allow the youngest and the oldest to learn several folding techniques. It is also an excellent way to become accustomed to origami and to make several creations that they will be able to leave with! 

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