A moment of relaxation and creativity to share in our Origami Factory workshop! No need to bring your equipment, we provide it! Just come with you good mood and your hands! 

You want to learn about origami ? You want to perfect your skills?

Origami, this Japanese art is accessible to young and old alike! We offer 2 hours workshops according to a specific theme or according to the wishes of the participants (€20/2 hours or subscription at €60/4 sessions)

Each session will be a unique opportunity to create origami while learning the basic techniques with the solfege of the folder* that will allow you to progress and become gradually an expert in the art of folding and of course, you will leave with your origami. 

Moreover, whatever your level, we are also available to guide and help you in your own realizations and to answer your questions!

* international folding code

Relaxed, through folding, you improve your concentration and memory. In addition to this, origami acts favorably against insomnia, anxiety and depression, who says better?