Christmas Decoration at the Palacio do Chiado

In November 2019, the Palacio do Chiado, nestled in the heart of Lisbon’s historic city centre, with two floors and incredible lounges covered with completely renovated historical paintings, trendy restaurants and bars, contacted Origami Factory to create an original Christmas decoration using only origami! 

Standing in the entrance hall at the top of two majestic staircases, we had decorated the more than 3-meter-high Christmas tree with more than 300 folds in gold and white tones in order to best fit in with the place. 

Indeed, we chose 4 models (stars, kusuduma, balls, pendants) that we had declined in 3 sizes, we used a white paper with filigrees to give relief to the paper and for the gold, we opted for a bright gold, Christmas times obliges! 

As soon as the tree was decorated, it was already photographed by American customers, what pride!