Pedagogic workshop « Lycée français »

This year in Lisbon, the Lycée Français Charles Lepierre and Origami Factory collaborated on an annual pedagogical project with a second grade class. During this project, the whole class was taught how to fold origami in order to make a short film! 

Origami develops concentration and creativity, but it is also an excellent way to learn patience and perseverance. During our classroom sessions, we also discussed the history of origami from its origins to the present day. 

Having all the keys in their hands, the children searched for the script with the cutting of the scenes, the setting and the making of the origami, except that in the meantime, a nasty virus has invited itself into our lives. The project continued by videoconference, a great success for the children and their teacher, who has just completed the project. 

Be careful! The scenario is found but shhh….! It’s still a secret!