Online team building

Faced with the exceptional situation that we are experiencing, we have adapted our approach to team building and we are now able to offer you team buildings that can be realised remotely.

Come and discover our ideas!


The only thing your employees will need? A sufficient internet connection and for the paper you can think recycling: use A4 sheets or magazine pages, documents that are no longer in use and of course, we can send all the materials you will need to carry out your team building. 

This will allow them to have a moment of total disconnection but also to reconnect to their colleagues, which is not negligible when we are in teleworking.

Our formulas: 

  • Origami fresco at work – bring the spirit of your company by creating a remote fresco which will then be exhibited. Objective – participate in the creation of a collective work from a distance. These online classes will strengthen group cohesion and sharing, being together to move forward!
  • Origami challenge – create a contest with a prize offered by the company. Your employees will be able to play the game and show you their best creative talents to surprise their colleagues. Objective – following the one-hour workshop, reproduce in record time a series of origami by memorizing the folds. Playful, your memory skills, rigor and precision will be challenged. 
  • Online team building course – reconnect with your collaborators, strengthen the bonds despite the distance. Objective – workshop by thema , descryption of diagrams by team, this will make exchanges more dynamic and allow everyone to exchange via different connection links.


Relaxing to reconnect with the essential is the strength of this workshop.

Objective – Take an origami break and get lost in the folds for a short moment of about 30 minutes (adaptable format). Empty your mind, refocus on the essentials to get back on track and in great shape!

We have many more ideas for your employees to start again their motivation and competitive instincts. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about them.